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KIOXIA Releases New Generation of eMMC Modules

While the tech industry as a whole is well in the middle of transitioning to UFS and NVMe storage for portable devices, it would seem that the sun won’t be setting on eMMC quite yet. This week Kioxia has introduced a new generation of eMMC 5.1 modules, based around a …

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In Hollywood writers’ battle against AI, humans win (for now)

NEW YORK (AP) — After a 148-day strike, Hollywood screenwriters secured significant guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence in one of the first major labor battles over generative AI in the workplace. During the nearly five-month walkout, no issue resonated more than the use of AI in script writing. …

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Afterdream Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Afterdream is a pixel art horror title that puts atmosphere and puzzle-solving above all else. Taking place within the psyche of our protagonist as she recounts her vivid dreams, this format allows Afterdream to make liberal use of weird imagery to tell an intriguing and engaging story. Drawing inspiration from …

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