OpenAI Delays Launch of ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode; Chatbot App Now Available for Macs

ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode Delayed: Mac App Now Available

OpenAI has announced a delay in the launch of the highly anticipated ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode. Originally set to roll out in June, the voice mode feature will now be released a month later to allow for additional testing and refinement. This delay has come alongside the exciting news that the ChatGPT app is now available for Mac users with M1 silicon and the latest macOS 14.

ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode: An Overview

Last month, OpenAI introduced the latest generation of its generative Artificial Intelligence bot, ChatGPT, with the launch of GPT-4o. This new model features omnimodal support, enabling it to understand and respond to audio, visual, and text prompts. GPT-4o was made available to most devices soon after the announcement, bringing advanced AI capabilities to a wide range of users.

Delays in ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode Rollout

The rollout of the ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode, initially planned for June, has been postponed by one month. OpenAI explained that more time is needed to ensure the feature meets their high standards for quality and functionality. Improvements are being made to the model’s ability to detect and refuse certain content, among other enhancements. As a result, the alpha release of the voice mode is now scheduled for late July, with a full rollout to all premium subscribers expected by the end of September.

Importance of Thorough Testing for ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode

OpenAI’s decision to delay the launch underscores its commitment to delivering a polished and reliable product. Thorough testing is crucial, especially for features like the ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode that involve complex interactions and require robust content moderation capabilities. By taking additional time, OpenAI aims to enhance user experience and ensure the new feature performs seamlessly upon release.

ChatGPT App for Mac Users In related news, OpenAI has launched the much-awaited ChatGPT app for Mac devices, now available on the Apple App Store. The app supports Mac devices with M1 silicon or newer versions and requires the latest macOS 14 operating system. This release marks a significant step in making ChatGPT more accessible to Mac users, offering them the convenience of using the chatbot directly on their desktops.

Features and Compatibility of the ChatGPT Mac App

The ChatGPT app for Mac brings the full functionality of the chatbot to macOS users, leveraging the power of Apple’s M1 silicon for optimal performance. Users can engage with the AI in various modes, including text and visual prompts, with the ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode expected to be added in the near future. The app’s design is optimized for the macOS environment, ensuring a smooth and integrated user experience.


While the delay in the launch of the ChatGPT 4o Voice Mode may be disappointing to some, OpenAI’s focus on thorough testing and refinement underscores their commitment to quality. The gradual rollout will help identify and address any issues before the feature is made widely available. Meanwhile, the release of the ChatGPT app for Mac users is a welcome development, expanding the accessibility and usability of this advanced AI tool. As OpenAI continues to innovate, users can look forward to more enhancements and features that enhance their interaction with ChatGPT.

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