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Samsung unveils a 12.4-inch rollable OLED panel

During the annual Display Week trade show in Los Angeles, Samsung showcased a potentially revolutionary 12.4-inch rollable OLED panel. Surely, this isn’t the first time we see a rollable concept, but Samsung’s invention is a step ahead of the competition as it’s the largest one so far and it rolls …

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Photos of Meizu 20 with a white front panel surface

The new Meizu 20 launched in four colorways – Rose Gold, Yellow, Mint and a (dark) Gray. Unlike its two higher end siblings, there was no Silver version. This might be about to change as Ice Universe just shared images of what should be a white/silver Meizu 20. …

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Researchers create an OLED panel with inflatable keyboard

Perhaps one of the things people miss the most in modern smartphones is the physical keyboard. That’s why BlackBerry devices were so popular in the past – they offered an unrivaled typing experience. Well, researchers from Future Interfaces Group have been working on a solution for the past 15 years …

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