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Does ChatGPT Engage in Copyright Infringement?

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence search engine developed by OpenAI, has been the subject of class-action lawsuits related to copyright infringement. Comedian Sarah Silverman recently joined a lawsuit claiming that her memoir was copied without consent, credit, or compensation by the AI system. ChatGPT uses large language models to gather information …

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Google & ChatGPT have mixed results in medical info queries

When you need accurate information about a serious illness, should you go to Google or ChatGPT?  An interdisciplinary study led by University of California, Riverside, computer scientists found that both internet information gathering services have strengths and weaknesses for people seeking information about Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The …

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Enhancing Mediation with ChatGPT: The AI Solution for Efficient Agreements

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, its applications have permeated nearly every sector, revolutionizing the way tasks are carried out. One such application involves enhancing mediation with ChatGPT, OpenAI’s language prediction model. Through AI-enabled mediation, disputing parties can experience a more efficient, fair, and streamlined …

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