The Best Evolutions In Clash Royale

The Best Evolutions In Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of Supercell’s most popular games, where you collect cards and build a deck full of eccentric characters. It’s a fast-paced card game where you drop your troops into the arena and watch them fight your opponent. The key is to build a deck that works well against other players and have your own cards synergize with each other in such a way as to always have an upper hand in the game.


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You might’ve played a couple of card games in your day, but nothing quite like this.

With Evolutions, the meta is constantly shifting, and new evolutions are released every month with players eager to try them out. Although some evolutions are hardly playable, like the ice spirit and the bats, it’s best to use your hard-earned evolutions shards on the following evolutions.

10 Royal Giant

Image Via Supercell

  • Win condition evolution
  • Counters swarm cards
  • More damage and higher healthpool

The Royal Giant is one of the few win conditions with an evolution, and though the six-elixir card looks to be too expensive and too easy to counter with swarm cards, that all changes with the evolution.

The canon recoils and pushes any melee troop that your opponent drops back, making it close to impossible for swarm cards to take out the Royal giant without it dealing significant damage first. It also has only one cycle before it evolves, meaning it’s easy to have it constantly on the battlefield, though ranged cards or defensive buildings like the inferno tower still counter it easily.

9 Wall Breakers

The Two Wall Breakers side by side in Clash Royale

  • Can’t be countered with log or arrows anymore
  • Can’t be countered by swarms anymore
  • Can only be countered by buildings

The Wall Breakers are an evolution that was nerfed before it was even released, and the card has had a big impact on the meta even in its weakened state. With this evolution, it’s no longer easy to counter the Wall Breakers, since there are two stages of the troop now which can damage any other troop attacking the Wall Breakers as well.

They even do more damage and are tough to take down without a defensive building, which will always be a negative elixir trade. The only thing holding them back from being ranked higher is that they can be really tough to cycle to on time because the two evolution cycle just doesn’t work well with win conditions like this one.

8 Bomber

Evolved Bomber in Clash Royale
Image Via Supercell

  • Bomb lands three times
  • Can target the princess tower from your side of the bridge
  • Only one cycle to get to evolution

The Bomber is another evolution that many consider overpowered in the current meta because of his new multi-hit bomb. The Bomber itself is moderately used in top ladder, and hardly given a second thought, but that’s changed thanks to the new evolution.

It was released alongside the Wall Breakers and is now the perfect counter to Log Bait decks. It functions almost identically to the Firecracker evolution, in that it doesn’t have to lock on to the tower to damage it. The one cycle evolution is the icing on the cake — you’ll be scrambling to collect shards for this card because of its versatility.

7 Barbarians

Artwork of the Evolved Barbarians in Clash Royale
Image Via Supercell

  • Now offensive as well as defensive
  • Highest damage per second of any card
  • Jack of all trades

The Barbarians are and always will be one of the best defensive cards in the game, only being held back by the five-elixir cost of placing them. The evolved Barbarians massively improved on their versatility by giving them the opportunity to be played offensively.


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Becoming the mobile king and queen.

God forbid they reach the tower and start raging, they will have the highest damage per second of any troop, higher than the seven-elixir Pekka even. The Evolved Barbarians are just a great and extremely versatile card to have in your deck and work in almost any situation, making them a jack of all trades and even master of some. In a game like Clash Royale, Evolved Barbarians might seem overpowered but are actually super balanced because of their vulnerability to splash damage.

6 Mortar

Evolved Mortar artwork in Clash Royale
Image Via Supercell

  • Shoots goblins along with a regular shot
  • Consistently balanced evolution
  • Requires strategy to play well with

The Mortar is another win condition that has an overpowered evolution that’s balanced by the fact that it has two cycles before reaching its evolved form. The Mortar itself has a mixed history, from being one of the most hated cards in the game to being just alright.

With the evolution, there’s much more strategy to playing the Mortar, since the additional launch of the goblin can be good defensively and amazing if it lands on the princess towers. It’s essentially a Mortar and a Goblin Drill in a four-elixir package that can be countered easily but, if played skillfully, can win you games.

5 Firecracker

Artwork for the Evolved Firecracker in Clash Royale
Image Via Supercell

  • Can target the Princess tower directly
  • Survives arrows
  • Brilliant support card

The Firecracker is perhaps one of the best support cards in the game and many people even argue that it’s overpowered and offers way too much for its three-elixir cost. It can’t be logged or zapped and, in its evolved form, takes it a step further by being immune to arrows as well.

The evolved Firecracker can do chip damage in a small radius with multiple projectiles, meaning it can do constant damage to swarms or cards caught in the crossfire. If played correctly, you can directly damage the princess tower from your side of the bridge, which has been the bane of many bridge spam players.

4 Archers

Evolved Archers in Clash Royale

  • High damaging ranged support card
  • Can be split in the middle for maximum value
  • Can melt tanks in seconds

The Archers are another card whose regular version has always been underrated in top ladder, often being left out in favor of the Musketeer or the Firecracker. But, ever since its evolution, the Archers have won over many players because of the sheer amount of damage you can put out with them.

The evolution takes two cycles, which isn’t too bad, since the normal Archers are an above-average defensive card. Evolved Archers have the long range ability that melts tanks like Mega Knight or Goblin Giant and can deal high damage to a tower very easily, especially if they’re split in the middle, making it tough to deal with for any opponent.

3 Royal Recruits

Evolved Royal Recruits from Clash Royale

  • Low-skill defensive card
  • The dash can be hard to react to in time
  • Single cycle evolution

The Royal Recruits have always been a very low skill card and have a lot of counters that are often a negative elixir trade, since you must deal with both sides of the arena to get rid of them. This was something Supercell considered in its concept for the evolution, but decided to ignore instinct and make them even more powerful.


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The single cycle evolution is a pain to counter and is often used defensively and supported enough to build a strong counter push on both sides of the arena, making them a headache to manage against but extremely valuable for the player using them.

2 Skeletons

The Evolved Skeletons artwork from Clash Royale
Image Via Supercell

  • One elixir card that can potentially three crown opponent
  • Can be used offensively and defensively
  • Easy to fail a defense against evolved Skeletons

All one elixir cards are great and are the best addition to any cycle deck in the game. You can cycle your Skeletons quickly, making them easy to evolve despite needing two cycles to achieve.

The fact that these Skeletons can three crown an opponent needing only one skeleton to survive, is enough to tell you that it’s an amazing evolution for one elixir. It’s essentially a one elixir Skeleton army and players often mess up trying to clear them out. All you need is one Skeleton to reach the tower and you’ve successfully won the game.

1 Knight

The Evolved Knight artwork from Clash Royale
Image Via Supercell

  • Amazing stats for three elixir without evolution
  • Has highest health pool than any other card when evolved
  • Every other deck uses the Evolved Knight

The Knight has been one of the most consistent cards in Clash Royale, having a place in the meta since the game’s inception. For three elixir, it boasts incredible stats with high damage and a high health pool.

In two cycles, you can get the Evolved Knight, which is essentially bulletproof when not attacking, able to absorb as much damage as a Monk with his ability activated. The incredible versatility of this evolved form as well as the already improved-upon stats of the original knight makes him the most valuable Evolution in Clash Royale right now.


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