All Persona 5 Tactica Playable Characters, Ranked

All Persona 5 Tactica Playable Characters, Ranked


  • Persona 5 Tactica introduces new mechanics that differ from the unique sport, affecting character viability and rankings.
  • Every playable character in P5T has distinctive abilities and whole-party buffs, making them efficient in numerous methods throughout battles.
  • Whereas some characters excel in particular conditions, there are not any fully ineffective characters in P5T, with experimentation and selection necessary for victory.



The playable characters in Persona 5 Tactica range when it comes to effectiveness. They don’t seem to be not like their Persona 5 Royal counterparts in that method, however there are some vital variations. Within the authentic Persona 5 and its rerelease, a personality’s viability was decided by their base stats, strengths, weaknesses, and Persona abilities. Whereas all of that does issue into Persona 5 Tactica‘s character rankings, there are a couple of new mechanics to think about.

P5T contains quite a lot of new abilities to go well with the shift in style from RPG to turn-based technique. Every character additionally comes with a novel, whole-party buff that is utilized every time they’re positioned on the battlefield. Persona spells are much less about dealing elemental harm (though they nonetheless do loads of that), and extra about making use of standing results or repositioning enemies. And, to prime all of it off, there is a brand-new playable character, along with her personal distinct traits. Listed below are all eight playable characters in Persona 5 Tactica, ranked by how useful they’re in a battle.

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9 Erina

The Persona-less, Premiering Protagonist

Erina (Elle within the Japanese model) is P5T’s latest arrival, and primarily exists to introduce new gamers to the fundamental mechanics of the sport. She has half-decent base stats, particularly in assault harm, however poor motion and an extremely low vary. In consequence, she’s solely helpful when different characters create a gap for her. However her best weak point is that Erina cannot summon a Persona. She will not be completely ineffective, however with out the myriad advantages of Persona abilities, she lags far behind all the opposite playable characters.

8 Haru

And Milady

A close-up of Haru wearing a hat and looking angry in the Persona 5 animation.

Haru is a recurring character from the unique Persona 5, finest recognized for her high-damage rocket launcher and psychic-type Persona Milady. Each of these recur in Persona 5 Tactica, and with its extra gun-focused gameplay, she will inflict extreme punishment on enemy teams. Nevertheless, Milady’s Psio abilities aren’t fairly as helpful as a number of the different in-game components. They’ll pull foes out of canopy, which can be helpful in sure conditions, however different Personas’ abilities are extra relevant in all kinds of eventualities.

7 Morgana

And Zorro

Morgana scampers flanked by his Persona Zorro in a screenshot from Persona 5 Tactica.

Morgana has grow to be one thing of a collection mascot since his introduction in Persona 5, and reappears in the same function right here. In Tactica, he is exceptionally gentle on his paws, scampering throughout the battlefield with a number of the highest motion speeds within the sport. His gun and wind-elemental harm are nice, and his Garu abilities have the additional benefit of shoving their targets again. Once more, that is solely efficient situationally, particularly when getting enemies down from excessive floor, however past that, it has restricted use. Nevertheless, it is simple for Morgana to make the most of those self same positional bonuses along with his excessive motion stats.

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6 Joker

And Arsene

Joker is the unique protagonist of Persona 5, and as his identify implies, he is a wild card, capable of tackle a number of Personas directly. Nevertheless, Persona 5 Tactica does away with that means, as an alternative permitting every Persona consumer to equip a second, Sub-Persona along with their default one.

In consequence, Joker now not has a definite benefit over his fellow Phantom Thieves. His base stats nearly make up for it, and his particular assault Phantom Decide does have a very lengthy vary, making him a robust ally wherever he is positioned. Surprisingly, P5T turns Joker into extra of a assist character with defense-raising abilities like Rakukaja. He will not be as a lot of a front-liner, however he is positively a very good staff participant.

5 Yusuke

And Goemon

Persona 5 Yusuke

Yusuke is one other recurring character from Persona 5. His gun abilities translate properly to Persona 5 Tactica, as they’re capable of chunk off giant segments of enemy HP bars even at vary. Nevertheless, they’re much less efficient towards a number of targets. What does make Yusuke top-of-the-line playable characters in P5T is his entry to ice-elemental Bufu abilities. In Tactica, these have the potential to freeze enemies in place, decreasing their motion velocity and probably stopping them from getting again below cowl. He additionally has a particular talent known as Like a Phantom, which lets him create decoys which will power foes to waste their turns.

4 Ryuji

And Captain Kidd

Persona 5 Royal Ryuji

Ryuji rounds out the highest three playable characters in Persona 5 Tactica, merely as a result of beautiful quantity of sheer bodily harm he can inflict. Even higher, Ryuji makes a speciality of shotguns, which suggests he can hit a number of targets directly. His lightning-elemental abilities are simply nice, however extra importantly, his particular transfer Brigantine Blitzkrieg can cease enemy motion fully. This will open up alternatives for his teammates in Persona 5 Tactica to land Triple Menace Assaults, that are successfully equal to the unique Persona 5‘s All-Out Assaults.

3 Makoto

And Johanna

Makoto aboard her Persona, the sentient motorcycle Johanna, in a screenshot from Persona 5 Tactica.

Probably the greatest characters in Persona 5 additionally occurs to be top-of-the-line in Tactica: Makoto Nijima and her Persona, the sentient motorbike Johanna. Makoto is generally melee-focused in P5T, however that is nice – get her shut sufficient to an enemy, and the harm she’ll do will greater than make up for the danger of getting there.

Makoto additionally has a particular AoE assault known as Full Throttle, by which she revs up her engine and fees instantly ahead in a straight line, knocking again anybody in her path. This may be wonderful for breaking apart huge teams, or simply doing a ton of harm directly. She’s additionally nice as a assist character, with entry to whole-party therapeutic abilities like Media and Mediarama.

2 Ann

And Carmen

Simply as Ryuji’s shotgun abilities propel him into the highest three, Ann’s whopping Persona talent harm makes her the very best playable character in Persona 5 Tactica. Carmen is a fire-elemental Persona, capable of burn enemies to a crisp in a single flip. Ann additionally has entry to the Tarukaja suite of buffs, which may increase one ally’s or all the celebration’s assault relying on the model forged. And she or he would not must waste a complete spherical to take action – Ann can use Femme Fatale to take a second motion in a single flip.

Ann additionally has the very best passive bonus within the sport, naturally elevating all the celebration’s SP. SP is the only real useful resource used for casting spells and abilities in Persona 5 Tactica, which suggests everybody will keep combating match longer with Ann within the celebration. All in all, she’s an indispensable ally in any battle.

Some characters are definitely higher than others, however every of them actually does have their very own little area of interest. Certain, celebration composition is necessary, however there’s nonetheless no such factor as a very ineffective character in P5T. Fairly than at all times striving to incorporate the “finest” potential characters in a single, fastened celebration, it is best to experiment with totally different members’ strengths. The true key to victory in Persona 5 Tactica is not simply having the very best characters out there – it is figuring out learn how to learn a scenario, and swapping in whoever’s finest suited to beat it.

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