TeamGroup Goes Big on SSD Cooling, Demos 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler For M.2 Drives

TeamGroup is demonstrating at Computex 2023 what it claims to be the world’s first all-in-one liquid cooling system for hot-running M.2 SSDs. The SSD-sized Siren cooler is meant to ensure that high-end drives offer consistently high performance for prolonged periods, given the propensity for first-generation PCIe 5.0 SSDs to heat up and throttle under sustained heavy write workloads.

In a sign of the times in the high-end SSD space, TeamGroup has developed a high-end liquid cooler just for M.2 SSDs. The T-Force Siren GD120S, an all-in-one closed loop liquid cooler with a fairly large M.2 compatible water block and a 120mm radiator. This cooling system will be the company’s range-topping cooler for solid-state drives that will guarantee that they are going to hit their maximum performance – by giving them nothing less than an overkill amount of cooling.

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For reference, the M.2 spec tops out at a sustained power draw of 14.85W (3.3v @ 4.5A), with momentary excursions as high as 25W. So even with a high-end SSD like a current-generation E26-based drive, the actual cooling needs are limited. However in keeping with true PC style, sometimes you just want to go big – and in those cases there’s the Siren.

The GD120S’s water block itself features a copper block plate, and measures 78x 58 x 23.6mm. It’s designed to be mated with M.2 2280 drives; no word on if it’ll work on something smaller. The pump is rated for 22db(A) of noise. Meanwhile the radiator is a typical aluminum radiator, and is 136mm thick. That’s paired with a 120mm fan that offers ARGB lighting; it runs at a maximum speed of 2200RPM, which translates to a maximum noise level of 39.5db(A). The cooler as a whole has a rated power consumption of 4 Watts.

Image Courtesy TeamGroup

TeamGroup has been particularly vocal about using liquid cooling for solid-state drives. The company’s first liquid-cooled T-Force Cardea Liquid relied on the concept that largely resembled a vapor chamber. Then, the company introduced its T-Force Cardea Liquid II with an all-in-one LCS, but this device has never made it to the market and eventually transformed into a dual CPU and SSD cooler. Now, the company is finally ready to go with a dedicated AIO liquid cooler for M.2 SSDs.

Meanwhile, on the slightly more pragmatic side of matters, TeamGroup will alos be offering its T-Force Dark AirFlow Coolers, which are a tamer heatsink and active fan setup. The company has three different models on display, each employing a different heatsink configuration.

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