Testing a Red Team’s Claim of a Successful “Injection Attack” of ChatGPT-4 Using a New ChatGPT Plugin | EDRM – Electronic Discovery Reference Model

On May 12, 2023, Chat GPT-4 began its release to the public of two new features in GPT-4, Web Browsing and Plugins. Just a few days later, a red-team instructor, Johann Rehberger, claimed to have made a successful indirect prompt injection of ChatGPT-4.

Red robot with pointing things all over it, jewel eyes
Image by Losey and Midjourney

He said he did it through use of one of the new plugins, Vox Script. This popular plugin states that it: “Enables searching of YouTube transcripts, financial data sources Google Search results, and more!” Yes, much more, or so Rehberger claimed. He said he indirectly injected an unwanted…

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