Nvidia announces GeForce RTX 4060 series starting at $299

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Nvidia today announced the mid-range models of its GeForce RTX 40-series of consumer graphics cards. The 4060 series will include three models, the RTX 4060, the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB, and the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB.

The RTX 4060 features the AD107 GPU with 3072 CUDA cores, about 52% of the AD104 on the 4070. It has a base clock speed of 1.83GHz and boost clock speed of 2.46GHz. Nvidia claims the 4060 is 1.2x faster than the 3060 and 1.6x faster than the 2060 without frame generation.

The 4060 will come with 8GB of 128-bit GDDR6 memory clocked at 17Gbps along with 24MB of L2 cache. It features…

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