Google unveils Pixel 7a with Tensor G2, 90Hz display and 64MP camera

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Will this be the new fan-favorite Google phone? The Pixel 7a nearly matches the flagship Pixel 7 on specs but starts at a lower price – ₹44,000 in India, the same as the 6a was at launch last year. For comparison, the flagship model started at ₹60,000. As for the old 6a, it’s starting to feel quaint with a lower-res main camera, 60Hz display and lack of wireless charging.

Google Pixel 7a in Sea
Google Pixel 7a in Snow

Google Pixel 7a colorways: Charcoal, Sea and Snow

Yes, the 7a marks several firsts for the Pixel a series. For starters, its 6.1” OLED display now runs at 90Hz, the same refresh rate as the Pixel 7…

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Google Pixel 7a hands-on review