Google Pixel 7a hands-on review

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The latest member in the Google Pixel series is the new Pixel 7a, which is also part of the company’s more accessible a-series of devices. Starting at $499, the Pixel 7a shares the spot with the Pixel 4a 5G as the most expensive a-series Pixel yet and is only $100 less than the Pixel 7.

Suddenly, then, the cheaper a-series phone doesn’t seem all that cheap anymore. After all, why not spend the $100 extra if you are getting a better phone with the Pixel 7? But that’s the conundrum here, as things aren’t as clear-cut as you might think. The question isn’t why…

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Google unveils Pixel 7a with Tensor G2, 90Hz display and 64MP camera

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Google Pixel 7a launched in India with Tensor G2 SoC, 90Hz OLED Display, 64 MP Dual Cameras