Apple MR headset to feature battery similar to MagSafe Battery Pack

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As Apple’s annual WWDC inches closer, we get more details about the company’s mixed reality headset. Mark Gurman’s latest newsletter details the MR headset’s battery pack and charger. The MR headset’s battery pack will reportedly be as big as an iPhone and a bit thicker and will charge via USB-C. It is said to resemble the iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack that debuted back in 2021.

iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack

Gurman describes the battery pack is linked with a cable that ends in a proprietary round connector and attaches to the headset via magnets. The interesting bit is that the connector will be rotatable so users can lock it into the headset by turning clockwise ensuring it stays in place during use. The other cable end will be stuck to the battery pack and is not removable.

Gurman also expects the headset to run all existing first-party iPad apps in mixed reality as well as “hundreds” of third-party apps without the need for developers to rework their apps. It will also get a new Wellness app with a focus on meditation. Apple’s MR headset is rumored to launch with a $3,000 price tag.


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