ZTE AxonPad’s launch date, design, and colors revealed

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ZTE has announced it will introduce a new tablet dubbed ZTE AxonPad on April 12 in China at an event that will begin at 1:30PM local time. The company also shared an image revealing the AxonPad’s design and color options.

The ZTE AxonPad has uniform bezels surrounding the screen, and the antenna lines on the top and bottom of the tablet confirm it has a metal build. The AxonPad features two cameras (one each on the front and back) and four speakers (two each on the top and bottom) and charges through a USB-C port.

ZTE AxonPad is coming on April 12

The AxonPad runs MyOS and supports 5G connectivity. However, it’s unclear if it will also have a Wi-Fi-only version. The picture shared by ZTE also includes a keyboard and stylus, which will likely be sold separately.

We could see ZTE reveal more features of the AxonPad in the lead-up to the event.

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